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Exploring not just the sound of song but the personal stories that lay behind the lyrics, The Parlour and their guests shine a light on those figures often hidden in the shadows of a composer’s inner world.

In the foreground of this story is Chopin’s celebrated relationship with the writer George Sand. Told from the view of Sand’s daughter Solange, the audience is guided on a journey from the glittering Salons of Paris, through a bitter Winter in Majorca to Chopin’s remarkable funeral and unconventional burial. 

George Sand, describes her tempestuous romance with Chopin, their travels and the Parisian ‘demi monde’. Along with Pauline Viardot, singer, composer and close friend of Chopin, these two woman, artistic giants of their time, explain to us how exile and nationalism, poetry, art and desire compelled Chopin to write his little know collection of Art Songs.

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