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Wagner in Paris introduces audiences to a Richard Wagner they may not know.
Well before the Ride of the Valkyries, Wagner and his wife Minna endured an impoverished three years in Paris while Richard tried to establish himself amid Europe’s artistic elite.

Ignored, shunned and eventually imprisoned, Wagner chose to conveniently forget these details and barely referred to them again. This story is exposed by Minna’s illegitimate daughter, Natalie, the least written about but most enduring woman in Wagner’s life.

The play breaks with convention by excluding all male characters (aside from Wagner himself), and allows light to be cast on the less visited shadows of Wagner’s personal life.
With Wagner's own rarely heard French Art song of the era woven throughout the play, this is a musical journey not to be missed.


Exploring not just the sound of song but the personal stories that lay behind the lyrics, The Parlour and their guests shine a light on those figures often hidden in the shadows of a composer’s inner world.

In the foreground of this story is Chopin’s celebrated relationship with the writer George Sand. Told from the view of Sand’s daughter Solange, the audience is guided on a journey from the glittering Salons of Paris, through a bitter Winter in Majorca to Chopin’s remarkable funeral and unconventional burial. 

George Sand, describes her tempestuous romance with Chopin, their travels and the Parisian ‘demi monde’. Along with Pauline Viardot, singer, composer and close friend of Chopin, these two woman, artistic giants of their time, explain to us how exile and nationalism, poetry, art and desire compelled Chopin to write his little know collection of Art Songs.



Set in 1875, Lina Ramann, Liszt’s official biographer, struggles to tell the true story of his life. Constantly censored by Liszt himself and Princess Caroline, his paramour, Lina decides to hide away sensitive documents to be published fifty years after her death.

The music includes Liszt’s beautiful and rarely heard Romantic songs – including an Australian premier of one recently found among Liszt’s personal papers.


Percy Grainger was a megastar of the European, North American and Australian stages in the early 1900s, attracting sell-out audiences for his piano recitals. Grainger at Home is an exciting new work exploring the private and creative life of this acclaimed composer, lyricist and performer, through the voice of his wife and companion, Ella.

The music presented in this semi-staged recital includes songs and piano solos written by Percy Grainger and his friends, as well as the rarely heard Five Settings of Ella Grainger.

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A recital to celebrate the bicentenary of Clara Schumann's birth.
Repertoire will include many of Clara's own, gorgeous songs along with those written by her birthday party attendees - Chopin, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Robert Schumann, Liszt, Pauline Viardot etc...


A  night of stunning opera highlights performed by some of Melbourne’s finest artists. The Parlour will treat audiences to an evening filled with soaring melodies from celebrated operas including Carmen, La Bohème, The Barber of Seville, Tosca and many more…

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Fantastique! The Life and Loves of Hector Berlioz

In Fantastique! The Life and Loves of Hector Berlioz, an actor will assume the character of Marie Recio, opera singer and Berlioz’ second wife. The story she shares begins before they meet and continues after her death. She recalls his passions, substance abuse, murderous plans and betrayals along with his humour, talent and charisma. 

The details of the dramatic narrative will be drawn from journal entries, letters, photos, newspaper articles etc and while anchored in fact, is sprinkled liberally with supposition.

In this cultural experiment, The Parlour turns the spotlight on Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute. Forget everything you’ve been told and hear the story from the perspective of the Queen of the Night. Her land is being colonized, her people enslaved, her daughter abducted. She will fight with every weapon in her arsenal to protect her realm, so who are the heroes and who are the villains?

The Magic Flute - Whose side are you on?

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